The memory of this wave of decline is exactly the same. Let’s review the decline from US$9,500 to US$8,400: When all assets in the world are falling, the VIX index is approaching the 08 financial crisis, but you cEthereum contractan look at the time when various assets stabilized in a short-term, Bitcoin It is in full agreement with everyone. The night it fell below 8500 happened to be when Brent crude oil ended its 4-hour downtrend. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq indexes also set a historic rebound, and the bullish sentiment in the entire market has recovered.

Regarding the central bank's digital currency design ideas, Zhou Xiaochuan not long ago summarized five points: not only support the development of science and technology, but also prevent problems. Some technologies of different systems may develop in parallel, which can encourage multiple coordinated development and quick switching, but it is mainly to give play to market enthusiasm. The central bank needs to accurately measure accounting and establish custody rules to achieve 100% reserve to maintain stability, and at the same time correct the incentive mechanism. The scope of the pilot program should be limited as much as possible, and the pre-design of exit is like writing a living will. How to exit if something goes wrong? It must be designed in advance. Technology inventors and innovators may not be keen on this design, and the central bank should require it to do adequate design. It is necessary to prevent reliance on burning money and disguised subsidies (including direct subsidies and cross-subsidies) to grab market share and distort the order of competition.

Let's look at an example: In 2016, Ethereum generated 30,000 ETH every day and approximately 11 million ETH every year. Since the supply of Ethereum network tokens was much lower at that time, when the Bitcoin block reward halved in 2016, the Ethereum inflation rate was about 12%.

In addition, in the DLT-CSD settlement mode, traders can flexibly determine the securities settlement period. For example, in HTLC-DVP, the buyer and seller agree to set the hash lock time to an arbitrary period, which varies from person to person. At present, my country's securities settlement period is inconsistent with mature overseas markets, which has become a technical problem in the process of opening up my country's capital market. In the DLT-CSD mode, buyers and sellers can negotiate in pairs, and the inconsistent delivery period is no longer a problem. fluidity

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency believes that institutions that have long been engaged in safe deposit and custody activities can provide cryptocurrency custody services. This is a form of authorization that allows the National Bank to perform traditional banking business electronically, including credit and non-credit capabilities. Banks that provide cryptocurrency custody with non-credit capabilities are essentially providing management for cryptographic keys to control and transfer customer cryptocurrency.

Since the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CEthereum contractME) successively launched Bitcoin futures in December 2017, the capital market’s attention to blockchain-related assets has continued to increase; on September 23 this year, intercontinental trading ICE’s Bakkt platform launched the world’s first physically settled Bitcoin futures, and then the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) paid more attention to Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum (ETH) futures, and the market also placed considerable expectations. . The Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Blockchain 50 Index, which provides a platform and tools for the capital market to participate in supporting the development of the blockchain industry. In order to help the development of emerging technology industries, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Information Technology Index (399620) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Telecom Index (39962, etc.). It can be expected that more blockchain-related sector index products and even ETFs are expected to accelerate the implementation of Facilitate capital entry.

In the early stage, we assume that relatively little ETH is pledged (that is, with higher risk), and in the early stage ETH cannot be transferred on the Eth0 chain. Let us assume that when Eth0 is fully put into use in the next few years (a more mature stage), the total amount of pledged ETH will be higher.

Bundle is a digital asset compliance entry company in Africa. Bundle's positioning is similar to Square's CashApp, which is a wallet with cryptocurrency and local cash services. Through Bundle, users can buy, sell and store digital currencies such as BNB, BTC and ETH, as well as deposit and withdraw digital currencies and local currencies, such as NGN (Nigerian Naira). The transactions in the Bundle can be processed through various payment channels, such as bank cards, bank transfers, and mobile payments, and can also be stored securely in the Bundle’s smartphone.

With the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, mainstream adoption is taking effect. Banks all over the world are adopting this new technology, and more and more people feel comfortable using blockchain technology in their daily lives. It is becoming more and more obvious that our current financial infrastructure has not only been destroyed, but is also collapsing, and it makes sense to adopt blockchain technology.