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However, ordinary people are easily deceived because they dont understand technology. Therefore, the Office of the Office of the Office of the Non-governmental Affairs Office recommends that all localities conduct in-depth promotion of blockchain developm

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USDT is a digital currency anchored to the U.S. dollar (USD) launched by Tether. It promises that USDT and USD can be exchanged 1:1. For every USDT token issued, its bank account will be guaranteed by 1 USD. Despite being questioned, USDT is still the abs

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We can use the story of bookkeeping to explain the blockchain. Fundamentally, the blockchain is a new type of information recording method. In a village, Zhang San lent Li Si 100 yuan. He wanted everyone to know the account and broadcast it through the vi

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These so-called high-yield investment projects actually have nothing to do with blockchain technology. Some deliberately confuse the concept of currency chain, which is purely to make money under the cloak of blockchain. The Office of the Office of Non-Co

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In the framework of funding projects, the federal government supports collaboration between customers and digital platforms, as well as application-related blockchain companies. Not only that, but blockchain has also been deployed in specific applications

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